Infinite Wood Gasifier (DG Series)

Infinite Downdraft Gasifier (DG Series)

(Recommended for Thermal Application)

DG Series : The Infinite Vergassen 3G - DG Series ) is based on downdraft gasifier Principle & so is a induced draft system that thermally cracks fuel wood of specified size and moisture content into a combustible low BTU gas.

. The Infinite Vergassen 3G series gasifier system includes a thermal reactor, twin gate fuel feed system, automated reciprocating type moving grate for ash removal, water pumping system and other associated blowers and piping.

The thermal reactor is a bottom supported cylindrical metallic construction with suitable ceramic/insulation internal lining to withstand the thermal load as well contain the heat generated within the reactor system. The top of the reactor also acts as fuel storage and drying zone so as to reduce the intervals between fuel feeds.

The twin gate fuel system is manually operated and is designed to minimize the air ingress into and/or gas leakage from the system during the fuel feeding process. The twin gates are provided with levers for easy manual operation.

The ash removal system consists of a reciprocating moving grate that is designed to discharge ash/charcoal of less than 1/2" size. The ash removal system is grate is operated pneumatically actuation which is fully automated to maintain desired reactor characteristics. The actual ash disposal from the wet collection tank at the bottom is to done manually.

The gas pumping system is designed to evacuate hot raw gas from the reactor and deliver the same to the gas burners at the required pressure. The gas pumping system also incorporates a cyclone for dust elimination in the gas stream. The fine dust that may escape the cyclone separator is separated by means of a specially designed hot gas filtration system which can trap particles greater than 50 micron size. The gas available from the gasifier station is hence very clean and can be utilized in all indirect heat applications.

Infinite Wood Gasifer Model list

(Model - DG Series, (Wood Block Based Gasifer, Suitable for Thermal Applications)

-Wood Consumption Based on 12% moisture, Wood Block Size : 25 – 125 mm, * Fuel Feeding Automated through Bucket Elevator** Burner & Gas piping cost extra, as per individuals requirement.
-The above models are suitable for thermal applications only & are solid fuel , inclusive of Dry Gas Filters (DG MODELS ONLY), Wood Dryer etc.