Infinite Advantage

Advantage of Infinite Gasifier

Simple, Easy Operation, Easy to load, Simple to start

All you'll need to start the Infinite Gasification System is a fire lighter and some light sticks. The Gasifier manages the rest of the start-up procedure making sure that the fire builds up as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Clean Producer Gas
Since Infinite gasifiers produce an exceptionally clean Producer gas, heat exchangers remain clean and require minimal maintenance and downtime. Clean Producer gas can also be used to directly fire heating and drying applications such as Sesame seed dryers, Biscuit wafer plant, Singeing machine, & rotary dryers, dry kilns, lime kilns etc or can be fed into Gas engine for power generation.

Low Particulate Emissions

Infinite gasifiers produce extremely low particulate emissions (typically <50 mg/m3) that may eliminate the requirement for air pollution control equipment such as multicones, electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) or bag house filters depending on the fuel type .

High efficiency
Due to the unique design Infinite Gasification systems achieves extremely high efficiencies, up to 91% on some models.

Indirect Gas Cooler
The Infinite system uses only indirect gas cooler and thereby eliminates water based gas cleaning. Thus, there is no sticky "tar" and tar contaminated effluents to be handled / disposed.

Hot Gas Filter System

The Infinite Vergassen incorporates a unique hot gas fine filtration system (optional), a first of its kind, which can clean hot gases (temperatures upto 600 oC ). The dry gas filtration has an efficiency of over 96% for particulates over 10 micron size. It can typically produce a clean gas with less than 80 micrograms per m3 of particulate matter.

Compact foot print
The Infinite Vergassen series is an extremely compact gasifier. A typical 600 KWth system complete with reactor, gas cleaning & handling system would occupy a space of only 20ft x 20ft (Excluding fuel storage). The system design is such that the support structure and access platforms and ladders are integrated. The reactor does not require any foundation. So, only site preparation and light civil work is required.

High Turn-Down Ratio
The output of the gasifier can be reduced upto 1/3 of its maximum capacity while still maintaining stable operation.

Quick Start and Shutdown

The Infinite Vergassen series has extremely quick start capability and reach 75% of its capacity with 30 mins of cold start and 15 minutes of restart (within 12 hours of shut down). Typically the shutdown time is less than 15 minutes.

Idling Capability During Low Load Periods
Infinite gasifiers quickly ramp down into an idling mode where they can remain on standby for extended periods, such as a weekend shutdown, without consuming fuel, and then be brought back to full capacity within two hours. This enables operators to save fuel and avoids shutdown and restart during periods of low heat demand.

Fuel Flexibility
Infinite gasifiers can accommodate a wide range of wood fuels including wood Chips , Wood Blocks, Biomass Briquettes, & other biomass from powdered to 5-inch minus sizes

Low Capital Cost
Infinite energy systems cost less because they are simpler in design, contain less equipment and have fewer moving parts. The ash collection system is also fully automatic, simpler, less expensive and easier to operate compared to conventional gasification systems.

Low O&M Cost
Infinite systems are less expensive to operate and maintain because of their simple design and requirement for less equipment. Lower gas velocities and temperatures in the gasifier result in longer life and less refractory maintenance. Reduced particulate scouring results in less wear on the refractory in the gasifier.

Superior operational control, high turndown ratio, idling capability, producer gas control and ability to eliminate ash melting, all contribute to making Infinite gasifier systems very simple and easy to operate compared to conventional gasification/ combustion processes. This results in minimal operator intervention and contributes to low operating cost.

Easy, Automated Operation (Modern, user-friendly controller )
Infinite systems are fully automated for unmanned operation with state-of-the-art controls. The Infinite Gasifier comes with an easy-to-use controller which manages the complete Gasification process and regulates supply to the burner/engine system. The control system is designed to provide safe, efficient operation of the energy system.

Depending on the client's requirement, the Infinte Vergassen's operations may be totally or partly automated. The optional automation modules include:

  1. Reactor Pressurtrol: To maintain the required gas quantity and quality accurately.
  2. Load synchronizer: To control and regulate gas generation to match the load requirement. This eliminates possibility of excess gas pressurization / low heat availability and also eliminates the need to flare excess gas.
  3. Automated filter operation: To prevent problems such as choking and dust carry over from the filter.
  4. Load following control (optional): the gas generation ( and consequently fuel wood consumption) is automatically controlled to follow the thermal load requirement.
  5. Wide Range of Burners to suit any application (Fully Automatic Burners)