Infinite Universal Gasifier (UG Series)

Infinite Universal Gasifier (UG Series)

(Recommended for Power Generation & Thermal Application)

The Infinite Vergassen 3G - Universal Gasifier (UG Series) is based on downdraft gasifier (OT) Principle & so is a induced draft system that thermally cracks almost all kind of Biomass like wood chips, Rice Husk , etc( specified size and moisture content) into a combustible low BTU gas.

The Infinite Vergassen 3G series gasifier system includes a thermal reactor, penumatic gate fuel feed system, automated rotary type moving grate for ash removal, water based scrubbing system and other associated blowers and piping.

The thermal reactor is a cylindrical shell of metallic construction with suitable ceramic/insulation internal lining to withstand the thermal load as well as to contain the heat generated within the reactor system. The top of the reactor also acts as fuel storage and drying zone so as to reduce the intervals between fuel feeds.

The fuel feed system is operates automatically and is syncronised with the Reactor fuel level.

The ash removal system consists of a rotary moving grate that is designed to discharge ash/char. The ash removal system is grate is operated through a train of gears powered by an electric motor which is fully automated to maintain desired reactor characteristics. The ash is moved out of the reactor by means of a screw convey.

The gas pumping system is designed to evacuate hot raw gas from the reactor and deliver the same after proper cooling & cleaning to the gas burners at the required pressure. The gas pumping system also incorporates a cyclone for dust elimination in the gas stream.

Filters & Scrubbers:

The fine dust that may escape the cyclone separator is separated by means of a specially designed gas filtration & scrubbing system which can trap particles greater than 50 micron size.

The filtered gas is scrubbed using water so as to remove particles >10 micron size. The water used for scrubbing is in a closed loop that includes open drain and settling tank and a cooling tower.

The gas available from the gasifier station thus cooled & cleaned is suitable utilized in all indirect heat applications or for power Generation after further conditioning of Gas.

System Automation (Optional):

The Infinite Vergassen 3G series gasifier has the following automation modules for smooth operation:

-Automated and continuous ash removal
-Automated grate operation
-Conveyor/ Elevator for Fuel Feeding
-Gas generation control to match gas production with gas demand. This provides for better heat control at furnace/oven and lesser feedstock consumption at the gasifier.
-Single stage Fully Automatic burners.

The special feature of UG Series gasifers is its ability to convert a practically any biomass into high quality producer gas with negligible tars. The only limitation in this gasifier is the fuel size, which is to be limited to 10 to 60 mm. The universal gasifier is unique in its ability to gasify even poor fuels like Rice Husk , Pellets, Wood chips ,Soya Husk, Ground Nut shell etc that contain high ash and have poor flow properties.

The technology with its unique reactor design and the efficient feeding system is based on more than 15 years of continuous product development.

Universal gasifiers are best suited for applications where clean fuel gas is required and where temperature control is critical. These biomass gasifier can be used in applications requiring moderate temperatures upto 600 Deg C.
This gasifier is also extremely suitable for power generation with internal combustion engines after appropriate cleaning.
The time (5-10 minutes) needed to ignite and bring plant to working temperature with good gas quality is shorter than updraft gas producer.

Main features of Infinite Universal Gasification Technology are as follows:

1. Very small foot print.
2. Fully automated operation from Biomass Feeding to ash removal from reactor.
3. No water pollution and related pollution control requirements.
4. Quick start capability - the system can be started in 12 minutes.
5. Short delivery schedule of less than 8 weeks.
6. Installation & commissioning within 4 days and minimum disruption in plant operation.

Infinite Universal Gasifer Model List

Model - UG Series - Suitable for Power Generation With Rice Husk/ Wood Chips / Pellets , Complete with Filter , Scrubber etc.

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